About Us

The Kingslane UltraWhite flock was established in 2020 with the purchase of 185 pure UltraWhite stud ewes and 2 pure UltraWhite stud rams from Dawson Bradford, Hillcroft Farms in Western Australia. The flock was registered in 2021 (Flock no. 6) and is a pure UltraWhite stud flock.

With the focus on building our flock number and pushing fertility we are embarking on breeding year round. We have been extensively using our foundation sire Hillcroft Farms 19-7468, purchased for $18,000 in 2020 and ranking in the top 5% on the TCP index and the progeny are looking very promising.

With the flock is situated at Benger and Serpentine in high rainfall areas we are exposing our sheep to the issues of running sheep under these conditions and selecting for their performance and ability to thrive which is so important.

Kingslane Red Angus was founded in 2003 on the genetics from Ferndale Park Stud at Myponga in South Australia and since then the herd has continued to grow and produce many highly productive cattle from its key cow families including Oakleaf, Tarlina and Vicki.

The Kingslane stud has undertaken extensive AI programs since 2012 using imported semen from leading Red Angus sires from Canada and America to continue to improve the genetics in the herd. The Kingslane herd today is still derived from the original Ferndale Park genetics and has 190 registered breeders.